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Motor Vehicle Accident – Motor vehicle vs. Motorcycle accident in Boston, Massachusetts; $240,000.00

This 35 year old plaintiff was operating his motorcycle northbound on Riverway and continued through the intersection at Longwood Avenue because the traffic light was green. The defendant failed to yield, used no blinker and proceeded directly into the plaintiff’s lane causing a collision. As a result, the plaintiff was thrown 10-15 in the air, hit the pavement, and sustained serious injuries which included facial lacerations, leg and wrist fractures, ACL tear and fracture of the intratesticular contents. The plaintiff underwent three major surgical procedures because of his severe injuries. He spent several months undergoing intensive physical therapy with future procedures likely to address further pain relief. His medical bills were in excess of $56,000 and lost wages of $6,000.00.

Young Woman Suffers Severe Abdominal /Chest injuries due to Motor Vehicle accident; Policy limit Settlement

The plaintiff, a 19 year old front seat passenger in a motor vehicle accident, experienced serious chest and abdominal injuries after colliding with the dashboard. She was hospitalized, underwent several surgeries due to her injuries and eventually discharged. She was seen several times for follow-up care and then soon after, presented to another hospital because of severe abdominal pain. She was operated on to remove a small bowel obstruction and was discharged. Several days later, the plaintiff returned to a hospital again in serious and severe abdominal pain. She was diagnosed with lacerations to her bowel and underwent yet another surgery. After several weeks of hospitalization and monitoring, she was able to be discharged and has experienced no further complications.

Logging Truck vs. Motorcycle Accident in New Hampshire; $465,000.00 Settlement

The plaintiff in this case suffered serious leg injuries when the operator of a ten wheel logging truck failed to yield the right of way and struck the plaintiff throwing him from his motorcycle. The plaintiff who was travelling south on Route 16 landed on the far side of the northbound travel lane. He underwent nine surgeries, was hospitalized for several weeks and received substantial home nursing care after each surgery. For several months there was concern that he would lose his leg entirely. There is significant scarring, impairment and deformity of which further medical procedure cannot correct. The plaintiff remained unemployed due to his limitations and faced future financial and emotional hardship.

Motorcycle unavoidably collides with Motor Vehicle making unsafe U-Turn: Total Settlement; $550,000.00

This was a clear liability accident in which the defendant made a quick and unsafe U-Turn, pulling out directly in front of the plaintiff while she was operating her motorcycle. The plaintiff experienced severe facial, clavicle and rib fractures, pneumothorax and pelvic fracture. The plaintiff was hospitalized for several weeks and became disabled as a result of the defendant’s negligence. Her medical costs exceeded $75,000.00 and future surgeries and treatment would be required to repair the significant damages to her face and to regain full functional mobility.

Auto Accident involving Pedestrian – Wrongful Death; $300,000.00 (policy limit)

The plaintiff, an 80 year-old male pedestrian, suffered a right foot fracture after being struck by a motor vehicle in Kittery, Maine. As a result of this accident, the plaintiff underwent an open surgical procedure following which he died from complications as a result of hospital negligence. The plaintiff’s claim against the hospital is pending.

General Liability-Toddler burned and scarred from unsafe fireworks ignition at family gathering: Settlement: $500,000.00 (Policy Limits)

This case involved the serious burning of at 2 year old child due to the negligence of the hosts of a neighborhood July 4th holiday party. Due to the lack of proper use and establishment of appropriate safety precautions, the ignited fireworks struck the toddler and set her body ablaze. The child experienced serious burns to a significant portion of her upper and lower extremities. She underwent several reconstructive surgeries and long term rehabilitation. Settlement was restricted to policy limits.

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